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  • An introduction from Lianne

    I’ve wanted to set up a really exceptional preschool since my daughter was born thirteen years ago. I wanted it to be a place where children could truly be children – pond dipping, splashing in puddles, rolling in piles of autumn leaves, building imaginary worlds out of household objects, making mud pies in hand made dens – in short, enjoying the traditional, idyllic childhood. I also knew I wanted it to be a bilingual environment. At three, my daughter picked up Spanish effortlessly within months of our move to Spain – and the cognitive and emotional benefits of childhood bilingualism are widely documented – so it seemed a no-brainer to me. Finally, I wanted the children to eat hearty, home cooked organic food, enjoy an outstanding curriculum and benefit from the best available educational approaches (based on research) so that every single child would have the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential. I’ve spent the last thirteen years formulating my ideas, and the last year working flat out to make it happen. I’m so excited that my dream is finally becoming a reality and I really hope like-minded parents will be as excited and inspired by the Bonitots approach as I am. If so, do come and visit us to find out more!

    — Lianne Moseley-Mould, Bonitots' founder
    • Lianne Moseley-Mould

      Lianne Moseley-Mould


      Until 2013 I was a company director in the City, but I’ve been planning to open a bilingual, musical, adventure-filled nursery ever since my eldest daughter was young and I realised that there were very few options for exceptional bilingual childcare. I’d started speaking Spanish at the age of seven at my grandparents’ house in the Spanish town of La Cala which, I think, is where I developed my love of languages. I went on to get a first class degree in Spanish with Portuguese from Queen Mary University of London, living and studying in Spain, Cuba and Brazil along the way. I’ve seen the benefits of childhood bilingualism in my daughter Ella, now a teenager, who went to a preschool in Spain for a year. I’ve completed courses covering assessment and planning, schemas, play-based learning, the early years foundation stage, safeguarding and welfare and am qualified in paediatric first aid. I have to say, though, I think my best training for this job (apart from being a mum of three) was having seven younger siblings!

      Personal Info:
      • Degree:
        Spanish with Portuguese
      • Role:
      • My Languages:
        English, Spanish, Portuguese, French
      • Skills:
        Flute, piano, ballet