Art & Crafts

Curriculum overview
  • Art Curriculum

    In summary: painting, drawing, colour mixing, sculpture and junk modelling, observational drawing, art in nature and natural art, art history, famous artists and movements, world art, charcoal, pastels, rollers, papier-mache and collage.
  • A closer look

    For the youngest children, art is a very sensory experience – squeezing playdough, squidging paint and tearing paper are all fantastic developmental activities. We will provide babies and children alike with plenty of access to messy play. As they get older, our art station will provide a wide range of art and craft resources that toddlers and children can access independently so they can make their own decisions about what they make and how they make it. We will also run guided art sessions designed to help the children to think creatively. For example, we might make pictures using materials found in nature, make (and play in) rainbow foam or work together to make a food sculpture (which we then get to dismantle and eat!).