• The Bonitots curriculum is innovative, challenging and broad. It has been carefully designed to promote confidence, courage and curiosity and to ensure all children flourish and love learning.

  • The fundamental aim of our curriculum is to ensure children love learning and fulfil their potential. It’s no mean feat but it’s one our curriculum has been meticulously designed to achieve. We believe that the formative years set the tone of a child’s relationship with education for life so we leave nothing to chance: our methods have been proven to result in the very best outcomes for children, including a joy in learning, curiosity, creativity and enhanced cognitive function.

    • Numeracy
      Including chess taught through fairytales!
    • Literacy
      Learning to love reading
    • Science
      Creating little scientists
    • Music
      Including early piano lessons
    • Theatre & dance
      Exploring movement and imagination
    • The world around us
      Exploring culture
    • Technology
      Skills for the 21st century
    • Outdoor adventures
      Getting muddy and having fun
    • The Babytalk Programme
      Building language from birth
    • Art and crafts
      Encouraging budding Picassos