March 18, 2020

Many of you will have heard that there is new government guidance on Coronavirus. Please follow the below link for the latest version of the Stay at Home Guidance from Public Health England:

The new guidance particularly affects families. If *any person* (let’s call them Person A) within a household develops a temperature of 37.8 and over, OR a new, continuous cough, the *entire household* will need to self-isolate for 14 days from the onset of the symptoms. If any person other than person A develops symptoms within that 7 day period (let’s call them person B), that person will need to self-isolate for 7 days – starting from the onset of symptoms – regardless of where they are in the original 14 day period. Please read the above link thoroughly for more details. Whilst self-isolating, person A (and B, if it comes to it) should try to stay 2m away from other family members, eat separately, ideally use a separate bathroom OR clean the bathroom after using it, and sleep in a separate room. Nobody in the household should go out. If you get deliveries, ask the delivery driver to leave them outside the door.

We are conscious that this is a difficult time for everyone and the mental strain of being cooped up at home – particularly with young children – will take its toll. We would like to help, so:


-If you need essential supplies that you can’t get delivered, or if you would like to help, please let us know (email: Where possible, we will deliver them and leave them on your doorstep (no-contact deliveries of course!). We know that many London-based families don’t necessarily have family nearby so please do turn to the Bonitots family if you are in need. As the numbers of families self-isolating grows, we may invite other families that are not self-isolating to help us in our crusade to keep the Bonitots Family stocked up with essential supplies and support public health by ensuring they don’t need to leave the house!

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