Curriculum overview
  • Literacy Curriculum

    In summary: fiction and non-fiction, stories, storytelling, poetry, magazines, comics, news reports, journals, reading (and being read to!), early mark making and writing.
  • A closer look

    The detail: the single most important thing we can do as early years educators is teach children to love reading. The best way to achieve this is to read to and with them as much as possible. So reading – in the woods, in costumes, to music, in silly voices or simply snuggled in the book corner – will be something we do a lot. We’ll read all sorts of different media – poems, plays, stories, comics and newspapers – to introduce the children to as many different registers as possible. We’ll also support their burgeoning writing skills with plenty of opportunities for early mark making , from chalk masterpieces in the garden to finger painted letters during messy play.