Curriculum overview
  • Numeracy Curriculum

    In summary: size, position and direction, colours and shapes, counting and numbers, pattern recognition, volume, relative amounts, time, logic, puzzles, space, measures, simple calculations, problem solving, chess
  • A closer look

    Lianne’s husband is a physicist and lover of maths, and has helped her develop a really exciting, engaging curriculum. The main goal is for children to leave Bonitots loving mathematics – and the secondary goal is to help them become creative problem solvers. One of the most exciting and innovative things we’ll do is teach preschoolers (3+) chess through fairytales (a king so lazy he can only move one space at a time, for example). There is a huge amount of research to demonstrate the cognitive benefits of learning chess, including enhanced problem solving and creativity – and, most importantly, it’s fun! Children will weigh out ingredients using our traditional and our digital scales, learn about matching and measuring using dinosaur bones, and extend their understanding of measure and construction when building dens.