Stay and Play sessions

  • From spring 2019

    Imaginative play for the public in our miniature role play city

  • Our space is so special that we want as many children as possible to have access to it! We therefore offer stay and play sessions for children and their carers when the space isn’t being enjoyed by our day pupils.

    From April 2019, you will be able to book slots at our stay and play sessions through this website. Fill the contact form below if you’d like to be updated when the Bonitropolois miniature city is ready for action!

  • How you and your children can interact with our role play city

    • Post office

      Wrap, weigh and address your package before posting – the post van leaves at 5pm!

    • Supermarket

      Write your list and collect all the items in your trolley – then find the right change when you pay!

    • Bistro

      Help your teachers prepare real snacks for your friends – hold the tray steadily when you serve them!

    • Construction zone

      Work with a partner to build the strongest billy goats gruff bridge you can out of paper straws and tape – whose will hold the most weight?

    • Police and fire station

      Field emergency calls and use the map to find the best route to save your friends!

    • Garage

      Use real tools (under supervision!) in our workshop before filling up with petrol and driving home!

    • Emergency room

      Get your scrubs on ready to operate on our poorly patient – don’t forget to check her symptoms in the book!

    • School house

      Use the chalk board to explain your art lesson, before letting your pupils loose with craft materials!

    • Theatre

      Create a play, dance or song about our latest topic and perform to your enraptured audience!

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