Curriculum overview
  • Technology Curriculum

  • A word on technology

    Technology is, of course, hugely important in modern society. We’ve developed an exciting, hands-on technology curriculum which goes beyond the basics to give children a deep understanding in this area. We’ll have fun exploring technology – for example, we’ll let the preschoolers take apart computers, clocks, telephones and other old equipment and study their insides. We’ll use walkie talkies and old radios to explore radio communication and will try out “vintage” technologies (vinyl, cassette, Polaroid etc) to show children how technology has advanced – and that not everything has always had a touch screen! We’ll contrast this with explorations of cutting edge technology – such as Google cardboard, which will give them an introduction to virtual reality.¬†Children will have free access to our children’s digital camera and will take huge pride, no doubt, in using it to record their exploration and play.