Useful Links for Things To Do in English

March 18, 2020

Here are some useful links with lots of ideas of things to do with your little ones:

Online resources:
– BrainPop
– Curiosity Stream
– Tynker
– Outschool
– Udemy
– iReady
– Beast Academy (Math)
– Khan Academy
– Creative Bug
– Discovery Education

YouTube Channels:
– Crash Course Kids
– Science Channel
– SciShow Kids
– National Geographic Kids
– Free School
– Geography Focus
– TheBrainScoop
– SciShow
– Kids Learning Tube
– Geeek Gurl Diaries
– Mike Likes Science
– Science Max
– SoulPancake

Do not forget board games, library books (and Kindle), upcycling household junk and making your own playdough!

There are also a number of education website who offer resources for free:

*Scholastic has created a free learn-from-home site with 20+ days of learning and activities.

*Pretend to travel the world…Go on a virtual tour of these 12 famous museums.

*List of thinking games by grade:

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