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    Revolutionising childcare

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    • Bilingual childcare

      Spanish-English nursery, pre-school and after school club, in Bonitropolis, a miniature city built for kids.

    • Bonitropolis stay and play

      Imaginative play for external children and their carers in our miniature role play city. Welcome to Bonitropolis!

    • Parties and events

      Organise an event to remember in Bonotropolis, our incredible miniature city.

    • Charity & community

      Spanish-language lending library and film screenings, support for families in need and much more!

  • A Revolution in Childcare

    Some of the things that make our childcare extraordinary...
      • Spanish Immersion

        Immersion in another language is one of the greatest gifts you can give a preschooler. It’s the most effective way to achieve childhood bilingualism and studies have shown huge cognitive, social and emotional advantages for bilingual children.

      • Science with Steve

        Our weekly science club, led by Blue Peter scientist and best-selling children’s science author Steve Mould, sees even our youngest children exploring science creatively through exciting, hands-on and interactive experiments. Lab coats at the ready!

      • Music

        Research shows that early music exposure has cognitive and emotional benefits for children. Our ambitious music programme includes free early piano lessons, weekly world music sessions, Spanish rhyme time and live music sessions in the setting.

      • Building bonds

        The exceptional bonds between children, families and staff are our proudest product at Bonitots! From our “emotions box” to our “time ins”, every part of our approach nurtures children’s optimal emotional development. We cherish individuality!

      • Miniature city

        Our miniature role play city has learning opportunities embedded throughout, whether it’s crossing the road at the traffic lights or addressing letters to your friends at the post office. A flexible space designed to adapt to children’s interests.

      • Home-from-home

        Our baby and toddler zone is a home-from-home haven, replete with home comforts, sofas, cosy spaces, a sensory zone and plenty of opportunity for exploratory climbing and discovery for our youngest children to enjoy with their carers.

      • Mixed methodologies

        Our approach takes the best of the available methodologies, from Montessori and Reggio Emilia to the Curiosity Approach and Loose Parts Theory, and combines them to create a hybrid approach that nurtures every child’s unique quirks.

      • Psicomotricidad

        “Psicomotricidad” is considered a hugely important area of learning in Spain. Practitioners create gross motor challenges carefully designed to develop cognitive abilities and gross and fine motor skills through movement around and through obstacles.

      • What?

        Exceptional bilingual childcare in a miniature role play city

      • When?

        We are open 51 weeks of the year (excl bank holidays), 8am – 6pm.

      • Where?

        Our new purpose-built nursery is tucked away behind Herbert Road, SE18.

      • Who?

        Our team includes experienced and highly qualified native-Spanish speakers as well as French and English speakers (and more!).

      • Why?

        Because children can learn a second language effortlessly, and the role play city let’s them do what they do best: learn through play.

      • How much?

        Contact us for a personal quote on fees as they depend on number of days attended and any funding you receive.

    • Read More About Our Amazing Team

      • A high level of commitment to ensuring children have the best learning experiences possible.

        Re: Bonitots Childminding
      • What a fabulous setting!

        Rutland Early Years Agency
        Re: Bonitots Childminding
      • Lianne is one of those rare people who is naturally brilliant with kids, but she has also supplemented that natural talent with a lot of work; I doubt you could find a more knowledgeable or loving Early Years professional anywhere. After watching Lianne with our baby, and hearing about her plans to nurture and challenge all the kids in her care, we’ve actually decided to move house to make sure we are close enough!

        Sarah Jones
        Bonitots Parent
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